As the name suggests these batteries are called as Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries. These batteries are predominately used for UPS applications both in stand by use and cyclic use.

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Rocket Tubular Battery

After receiving a charged battery connect it to the ups(load) system at the earliest.if the battery is kept in idle condition for more than one month, give a full charge and then only connect to the ups/inverter(load) system.

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Welcome to Rocket Battery

Silvex Exports Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1996 by Mr.Vivek V.Gurjar & Mrs.Unneetha V.Gurjar.

The company is an importer and distributor of EnerRocket batteries for the Indian Market.

ROCKET is a word class brand manufactured by Global Battery Co. Ltd. Korea (Formerly known as Global & Yuasa Battery Co. Ltd) which was established in the year 1952. It has entered into a capital & technology association with the Yuasa Corporation of Japan, a world famous battery manufacturer.

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